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The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands welcomes you to embrace island life.

The Ritz- Carlton Maldives

Immerse into Maldivian stories, while embracing the balance of cosmopolitan and private island life as a new Maldivian experience.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands hotel takes a minimalist & sustainable approach to luxury. Modern waterfront villas include private pools; simple ingredients are transformed by skilled chefs and mixologists; healing is guided by directional energy and nature is explored with respect and wonder. The resort’s three islands and overwater quay serve as a base for discovering the wonders of the Island.

Keep reading to discover all the archipelago has to offer and how we helped them on their sustainability journey.


The Ritz-Carlton Story

The Ritz-Carlton hotel range embodies the finest luxury experiences. The story began in the United States,  when The Ritz-Carlton Investing Company was established by Albert Keller who bought and franchised the name. The Ritz-Carlton, Boston revolutionized hospitality in America by creating luxury in a hotel setting, with even a private bath in every room! The company began to expand, adding new properties across the United States.This rapid expansion continued, and by the close of 1992, The Ritz-Carlton had expanded to 23 exceptional luxury hotels, earning its first Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The following year, they opened their first hotel in Asia, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong.

In 1998, the success of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company had attracted the attention of the hospitality industry, and the brand was purchased by Marriott International. Since this purchase, The Ritz-Carlton has continued to grow, providing exceptional service and genuine care to their guests across the globe.  In addition to dozens of new hotels around the globe, in 2008 the company opened the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve property, offering a private sanctuary experience in Phulay Bay, Krabi, Thailand.Today, the company continues to grow and to inspire life’s most meaningful journeys in the most desirable destinations on earth.


The wonders of the Maldives

The Maldives is a Utopia of  luxury while having a tryst with nature. Often called as the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean, it may well be the perfect location for the adventure diver to dive into the unfathomable sea or sprawl across the sun-lounger on the powdery sand. With more than a thousand splendid islands and the 26 coral atolls brimming with marine life, it’s the perfect location for thrill seekers, ocean lovers & those wishing to furnish their lives with a little luxury!Undoubtedly among the best reasons to visit Maldives will be the laid-back time on the beaches without any trace of littering, but the vast bluish green Indian Ocean cascading beneath the horizon. Enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the waves in constant 25-30-degree centigrade temperature. The Maldives truly is a Mecca for Ocean lovers, while at OCEANR we’re on a mission: to reclaim our oceans by removing as much of this plastic as we can and recycling it into something new: eye-catching, boldly designed clothing and product ranges for businesses and consumers. For this reason, we were truly honored when the Ritz-Carlton Maldives reached out to us, to help them create sustainable clothing for their Ocean loving resort.



“An Island Destination Offering Adventure And Culture.”



The sustainable clothing journey at the Ritz-Carlton Maldives


Sustainable clothing & Green Initiatives in the Maldives

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives Fari Islands creates sustainable gastronomy efforts including fresh produce from the garden, extensive plant-based options and zero-waste approach. The resort is Eco-friendly  mainly operating on solar energy.
They use reusable glass water bottles, bamboo-based personal consumables and bamboo and stainless steel straws are part of our commitment to offering guests a plastic-free stay.The still and sparkling drinking water available on the island comes from the resort’s dedicated plant, with purifying patented water filters.The Ritz-Carlton Maldives is proud to host Ambassadors of the Environment, a program by oceanographic explorer, environmentalist, educator and film producer Jean-Michel Cousteau, how cool!

The luxury resort reached out to us to collaborate over sustainable uniforms for their wonderful staff & crew. We love working with resorts and tailoring sustainable apparel, uniforms and clothing to suit their brand’s essence.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives makes a positive impact with Sustainable Clothing

We love creating sustainable crew uniforms from recycled ocean waste but we also love to continually clean our oceans for marine life to thrive! From helping to remove plastic from the oceans, it helps the oceans surrounding the Maldives stay crystal clear.

We work with Enaleia to help remove plastic from our oceans and we then use this recycled polyester made from ocean waste in our apparel.

Our wonderful selection of rash-guards are made with 80% Recycled Polyester.


Our adventure together

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Ritz- Carlton Maldives, in the creation of resort-chic, simple and classy sustainable apparel. The Maldives resort realized that their guests not only expect the wow factor, they expect them to be leading the charge with green initiatives and sustainable business practices.

The resort sought a range of unisex polo shirts, female polo shirts and board-shorts for their luxury resort. The polo shirt range we designed with them used 100% recycled polyester, for each polo-shirt made, it removed 14 plastic bottles from the ocean. As the resort in the Maldives is surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, protecting the cleanliness of the ocean for future generations was paramount.

Thus, we were able to provide the Maldives resort with a plastic offset certificate, to show them how much plastic they removed from the ocean through collaborating with us.

One smart way to make greener business choices was to switch to sustainably made uniforms and accessories for their Eco- conscious staff, to help them make a positive impact on our planet, ocean and future, together.




Who we have helped


We have been causing a quiet revolution in sustainable fashion since our inception, designing high-end sustainable apparel for luxury resorts and super-yachts all around the world.

We are honored that the sustainability partners in the Ritz Carlton Maldives recognized this and invited us to be part of their Eco-friendly fabrics journey!

We have helped lots of luxury resorts, islands, ocean lovers and more in the past. To find out a little more of who we have helped achieve their green initiatives in past, check out our wonderful array of luxury resort clients here.