Thanda Island started with a dream to find a small, remote, uninhabited Tropical Island off the coast of East Africa. Today, it is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends.


The Project

The team at Thanda came across OceanЯ on Instagram. “The power of social media! After a bit of insta-stalking on the colourful OceanЯ profile, we learned more about what the company was about and looked through their website” – Ivana Todorovic, Marketing Manager, Thanda Island. “We were looking for the perfect fit for Thanda Island and were unwilling to settle for less, even if it meant waiting a little longer to find the right partner. We wanted a product aligned with our values and commitment to the environment, provided by a company that shared these values. We were also looking for high quality and low environmental impact, which is exactly what OceanЯ was able to provide.

There were two reasons that led Thanda to look for sustainably made clothing and products: the first was their genuine care for the environment. “It is essential to us, and is something that Thanda Island is recognised for,” Ivana states. “Also, the importance of environmental protection, conservation and sustainability has started to become even more widespread and valued in the hospitality industry.” The second reason was quality, as this is very important in the industry and the Thanda team always seek to maintain the highest standards.


The Thanda team were looking for a sustainable product offering. They wanted to tell their story through simple designs, with sustainable fabrics being the driving factor in their decision. “We wanted something unique in terms of design, yet durable for our working conditions under the hot sun and salty water. Elegant but fun. Simple but still bold. And we achieved precisely that. OceanЯ were able to create what we had imagined” Ivana states. “They addressed every one of our concerns and requests and found suitable solutions. They were committed to finding the perfect solution for us, always putting forward ideas, suggestions and proposals until we were all satisfied with the result. This is what set them apart from their competitors.”


The biggest deciding factor for Thanda in their selection process was finding a partner whose products and business practices were rooted in sustainability, with a dedication to providing a solution that would fit their unique needs. “Wearing these products and knowing that we have contributed to conserving the ocean is fantastic. With Thanda Island being located in a marine reserve, we can share with our guests all the efforts we make to protect our oceans, even through the clothes we wear. And knowing just how many plastic bottles from ocean pollution were used to produce each of the shirts gives us accountability. Each small action contributes to the bigger picture in our commitment to marine conservation, protection and sustainability” Ivana states. Ivana and the team were also impressed with the product rollout, which was achieved faster than they expected due to their remote location. They have plans to add more products and encourage others to partner with organisations that support efforts around ocean conservation and sustainability.

“We love working with the team! Everyone needs to get their hands on some OCEANR products”

Thanda Island

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